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We would like to thank  Boss Hoggin Road Trip Series for there rental of our Full Spectrum Camcorder. You can watch the full episode by following this link Episode 2 Ghost Hunting


So how great is it that we have a place you can rent Paranormal (Ghost Hunting) equipment? Maybe you want to investigate your own home, or are thinking about becoming a full time ghost hunter but want a trial run or you want to test a piece of equipment before you purchase it. Paranormal Equipment Rental can provide you the equipment to do all that. Shipping to just about any place in the United States is possible. Local pickup is available in Western Washington and we may offer delivery around Pierce, King, Lewis and Mason County’s. 

Ghost hunters use a variety of electronic devices, including EMF meters, night vision cameras, as well as digital audio recorders. Other more traditional techniques are also used, such as conducting interviews and researching the history of allegedly haunted sites. Ghost hunters may also refer to themselves as “paranormal investigators”.

Now let’s rent you the equipment you need for a successful Ghost Hunt because you deserve the best experience possible with our assistance.

Please visit our shop page to view our Ghost Hunting products.  We encourage you to leave us feedback if you feel we need to add an item to our inventory. You can use the contact page to share your thoughts with us. 

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